Picture of Dean A. Keesey, UI Engineer

Dean A. Keesey

Full-stack JavaScript & UI Engineer |
AWS Solutions Architect Associate

Welcome! 👋

I'm Dean, a seasoned engineer with 15+ years of experience delivering web and mobile application design, driving digital transformations for Fortune 500 corporations and non-profit organizations alike.

Through leveraging my vast UI/UX engineering expertise and a certification in cloud engineering as an AWS Solutions Architect Associate, I create innovative, user-friendly digital experiences that enhance customer experience across all touchpoints.

In my diverse career, I've founded and developed the Masumi Hayashi Foundation, worked on large-scale client websites at Agency.com, and delivered complex licensing contracts at Oracle Corporation. I've also designed 3D motion graphics for ESPN's international coverage and resolved critical defects in e-commerce applications.

Explore my blog to read more about my thoughts on technology, innovation, and the intersection of art and tech.

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